Hyundai Motors Europe

Photo Render

Shot on location in Barcelona and Madrid for Hyundai Motors Europe HME. We used a CGI dolly by move n shoot for the driving shot. All other shots were statics using a stand in car. All cars are renders by Harvest Digital Agriculture, Hamburg. I had two of my three sons, Leon and Finn on board for this job. Leon has become an absolute expert for shooting and stitching 360° spheres over the years and Finn is a 3D junior at Harvest. Finn would position the cars for me on the spot, using Maya. The two urban shots are still part of the Hyundai-wide concept of light and shade that I created for HME in 2015. The concept asks for strong lines of light and shade, hard shadows and produces very graphic photographs. We used this design for a good 40 shots of all different Hyundai models.


client: Hyundai HME | agency: Innocean Worldwide | creative director: Artur Friedrich | executive producer: Tim Michel | producer on set: Werner Dürsteler | production company: Sonda Productions | photo assistant: Ben Höfer, Milan Istvan, Trent Perrett, Leon Puschmann | CGI dolly: Move N Shoot | post production print: Harvest Digital Agriculture | retoucher on set: Frank Hoppler, Nicola Krämer | 3D operator on set: Finn Puschmann | 3D operator: Kai Schubert | location: Madrid, Barcelona | year: 2015-2016