emulators | watching grass grow

What do I do when I am forced to stay at home for a long, long time like during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown? I get creative and I try out a few things that I normally don´t have time for. Like ultra long time-lapse films. The film with the tulips is called "emulators". I shot one frame every 60 seconds for 25 days using an automatic filter rotation machine built by Thomas Beecken Realisations KG. The second one is called "watching grass grow" because that´s exactly how the whole lockdown felt for me and other self employed friends of mine. Again, one frame every 60 seconds, this time for "only" 14 days. The first one of the two watching grass grow films is a short 30 second and totally "instagramble" version. The second one is nearly 4 minutes long, it might be less spectacular but I personally prefer the long version.