Open Face

A face is a bit like a book. You can read in a face. Not only the age but also what a person has experienced, what a person has been through. Or, for that matter, what they’ve survived. How they perceive the world, and how they want to be perceived by the world. Whether they’re sad, happy or only kind of happy, free, or just weighed down by thoughts. Whether they have seen a lot or yet have a lot to see. You can also read an open-faced sandwich. Obviously the sandwich´s story is much shorter and less deep than that of a human being. More like a short-story. An open-faced sandwich is perhaps more likely to tell you if it’s nice. Or whether to call it tasty actually does it justice. Whether healthy is everything. Or, indeed, if everything is healthy. In this sense, wouldn’t it be interesting to read a few faces and the sandwiches that go with them? So I put out a casting call on FaceBook and asked who would be interested to let me photograph them. Their face and their sandwich of choice. Open Face. Have a read.