BMW Concept i4 location. Photo.

BMW Concept i4 was shot in Los Angeles digitally and on film using a Phase One XF and a Leica M6 with Kodak Portra film. Thank you BMW and Antje List for trusting me with such a great project. It was great fun and I love the results.


client: BMW Group | project: BMW Concept i4 launch photography | agency: BMW Group (ED-A-50) | creative director: Antje List | producer on set: Cristin Shea | production company: Tim Michel & Found Productions | | set designer: Patrick Muller, Robin Feher | photo assistant: Tomas Arceo, Matt Sersion | talent: Marta Morilla, Jack F. Krizmanich | wardrobe stylist: Julius Forgo | hair & make-up artist: Prisca Wille | post production print: Christian Cordova Bueno | retoucher on set: Christian Cordova Bueno | location: Los Angeles | year: 2020