Photo Real

Shot in Munich at Sirius studios using the Pixelstick for the lightpainting of the sets. All super freestyle, very off the hip. Inventing, discovering, shooting. I think I found a very nice way of creating cool new backgrounds at low cost. Creative Direction Dirk Linke, Art Direction Juliane van Treeck, both Ring Zwei. Shot for BMW Magazine and the great Gaby Mayrhofer.


client: Hoffmann und Campe Verlag GmbH | project: BMW Magazine | agency: Ring Zwei, Hamburg | creative director: Dirk Linke | art director: Juliane van Treeck | executive producer: Tim Michel | production company: TMP | set designer: Simon Puschmann, Juliane van Treeck | photo assistant: Trent Perrett, Gideon van der Watt | post production print: Die Bildproduktion, Hamburg | location: Munich, Sirius Studio | year: 2017