Personal work. I had this idea and therefore I shot it. Using my very own RGB mode, so shot in three black and white images with the Phase One Achromatic digital back (a pure black and white digital back). I simply chucked a jug of water at a model car glued to a glass plate and shot it 3 times, filtering each of the b&w exposures Red, Green and Blue. I used a Profoto High Speed flash to freeze the water. Hand released and hand timed in the dark. No light or sound barrier was used. The model car was then replaced by a rendering. 


client: Simon Puschmann | project: Water.Colors. | agency: Simon Puschmann | creative director: Simon Puschmann | art director: Simon Puschmann | executive producer: Simon Puschmann | set designer: Simon Puschmann | photo assistant: Simon Puschmann | prop stylist: Simon Puschmann | post production print: Harvest Digital Agriculture | location: Hamburg | year: 2018