Hyundai Staria

Travelling and shooting under COVID sure is something else. After a 14 day quarantine in a state quarantine facility we were finally released into Seoul and what a city it is. We had a blast and I reckon it shows in the work. I´d come back any time. Preferably without the quarantine, please. My documentary about my 14 days in confinement is being edited as we speak. So stay tuned for that, please.

Project: Hyundai Staria | Client: Hyundai Motor Company | Agency: Innocean Worldwide, Business Solution Division 1, Team 3, Seoul, South Korea | Creative Director: Yoo Kyung Oh | Production Company: SPINOFF Ab | Executive Producers: Hak Sung Kim & Yong Kim | Post Production: Harvest Digital Agriculture & Innocean In-House | Photo Assistant: Marshell Vögelchen Urlaub | BTS edit: Patrice Lange | Shot with Phase One XF and IQ4-150 on location and in studio in Seoul, South Korea in February 2021

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