About me

Simon Puschmann is an award-winning commercial photographer and director who defies all categories. For 30 years, he has been creating his own brand of dramatic, unexpected imagery for a prestigious clientele like:


Adidas | Audi | BMW | BMW Williams F1 | BMW Sauber F1 Racing | BMW Oracle Racing | Citroen | Corvette | Deutsche Bahn | Doc Martens | FC St Pauli Hamburg | Ford | Gatorade | General Motors | Deutsche Telekom | Hamburg Film Council | Hyundai Motors Europe | Kia Motors Europe and USA | Lamborghini | Lego | Leica | Lexus | Loewe | Lufthansa | Mercedes Benz | Mercedes Maybach | MINI | Mobil One | Porsche | Porsche Design | Toyota | VW | Volvo and others

Simon says:
There is no doubt. I found photography and it found me. It’s as solid a marriage as the one I have with my wife, Susanne. I bought my first medium format camera, a Hasselblad, a 503CX, in photography school in 1987, then shot only 4x5“ for years and then turned digital with a Contax 645. Now I use a Phase One XF and an Alpa. I like surprising my clients, the audience, even myself. I resist being put into any photo category. Clients know they can expect the unexpected and that I try harder. I invent, love, laugh, work, live, and breathe photography.


What others say

  • MARTIN RINDERKNECHT & NIKOLAJ GEORGIEW Digicopter CEO, Pilot, and Constructor | DOP Aerial Pictures, Hannover

    Simon is an absolute pro in his field. That’s why he let’s us as pros in our field create the images for him he’s been dreaming about.

  • OMA HELGA Mother-in-law, Attendorn

    What, you made this? You could almost be a – like a – director, couldn’t you? Right?


    Simon: "The fast and the furious problem solver“.

  • KATJA SLUYTER Freelance Art Buyer, Hamburg

    My art directors ask me covertly, does he really have his own URL tattooed on his arm? Yes he does, I say. That’s Simon. Confident, pleasantly crazy and incredibly great to work with.

  • WERNER DÜRSTELER Sonda Productions, Barcelona

    How can a man ask 5 questions in 4 seconds ? Ask Simon, un hombre con " una flor en el culo".

  • GAVIN LEVY Producer and Owner of Cape Town Productions

    With a solution to every challenge, a chirp for every comment, with a "please” and a "thank you” always on his lips, it´s always a pleasure to have Simon “in the house” !! Cheers boet !

  • STEFAN THOSS CEO of [zerone] group, Hamburg

    I have known Simon for more than 15 years and I never get tired of talking to him. He is not only one of the best photographers I’ve had the chance to meet but he’s also always an entertaining guy. The range of his skills is unbelievable, from portraits to technical stuff, from classic photography to full CGI supervision, Simon makes it all look easy. And the results are always outstanding. All in all, it’s a gift to know him – personally and in career terms.

  • JESSICA MIROLLA Senior Art Producer at Garage Team Mazda, Los Angeles

    Simon´s pursuit in uncovering new techniques and subjects matters is inspiring.

  • WILL TAYLOR Producer & Owner of Ink & Oranges Inc, Los Angeles

    Here is a list that you can choose from: Simon kicks ass!
 Simon is one of my favorite photographers of all time.
 Simon is a great photographer and absolutely fantastic to work with! He is a very hard worker, exceptionally creative, a great problem solver, funny & light-hearted and one of the fastest photographers I have ever witnessed.

  • ANDREA MARIASH Director of Art Production David & Goliath, Los Angeles

    Simon has been asking me to write this statement for a few months, and I have not responded. (Pretty sure he thinks I’m dodging him.) But, actually, I have been thinking about this a ton. Every time I try to put into words how highly I think of both his work and his person, whatever I write isn’t good enough. Which I think is truly the best testimonial I can produce: Simon makes me a failure. I eagerly await every instance that he makes me feel like a shitty, visionless, piece of human garbage."


  • JOCHEN SENGPIEHL Executive Vice President Marketing Volkswagen

    I absolutely enjoyed working with Simon. His work ethic is exceptional in the industry. Even in intense situations he stays calm, relaxed and never loses his focus. Simon’s creative approach is unprecedented. An artist and absolute expert in making design language work in his pictures. When you need a professional in premium car photography, Simon is the one to contact.

  • Ross Hanson Senior Art and Design Director, Head of Art GTB UK

    Simon's talent not only lies in his photographic craft, but also in his work ethic and time management. He's a pleasure to work with and shares a desire for detail and quality. I wouldn't hesitate for the opportunity to shoot again with Simon, he's energetic, passionate and has a great creative eye.

  • THOMAS GERWERS Publisher of ProfiFoto Magazine, Germany

    Simon is something like a marathon runner in the field of creative photography, because for decades he manages to surprise with his photography on a very high professional level, both, with his commissioned work as well as with his personal projects. The only thing I worry about is that one day he wants to meet me in my kitchen ...

  • BENOIT LAMY Art director, Tag Belgium, Brussels

    I am making sandwiches naked in my kitchen and still had no chance to meet Simon. Ich frage mich, warum?

    Art dictator

  • THOMAS FRITZE Creative Director Art, GRABARZ & PARTNER, Hamburg

    His photography skills are great without any doubt. So let’s talk about something completely different: Somehow I like his nose.

  • THOMAS RUSCHKE Global Marketing Solutions Lead, Facebook EMEA, Dublin

    Simon’s talents in turning concept into beautiful reality are unmatched, much like his passion for his craft.

  • MATT MILLER Associate Creative Director Venable Bell & Partners, San Francisco

    Simon’s talents speak for themselves. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and very collaborative. All projects have their challenges and surprises. Simon was unfazed and continued to bring great ideas and solutions.

  • NICOLA CAFANTARIS Head of image editing Harvest Print GmbH, Hamburg

    It doesn’t matter if you have to get up at 3 a.m. (after only 2 hours of sleep) or if you need to work non-stop for 18 hours for days in a row. Simon is the one who stays positive and encourages everyone to keep laughing and enjoy the project. Besides the human element, he is always on point, knows exactly what he is doing and most important, he has the final image in mind before he starts shooting. This makes working with him easy and results great pictures. I think Simon is the kind of photographer every post-producer is looking for.

  • IGOR KARPALOV Creative Director INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH, Frankfurt

    Simon’s wit, intelligence and charm is only matched by his insatiable desire to shoot great images. His unique talent will certainly take him on to new horizons. He's a listener, a thinker and a doer. And he's great at all three! I hope one day very soon we get the chance to work together again.

  • PIGGY LINES Creative Partner, Keko London

    Simon said: Can you write something for the site? I usually have a writer for this sort of thing. So watch out for the grammar and typos. Oh well, here it goes: what can I tell you about Simon? Well, I’m Global CD on Bentley right now, so I review car photographers’ work for a living. I get to shoot with some of them, and when I do I have to build a shortlist of the best guys around the world that I really, really want to work with. Simon is nearly always on that list. I don’t start off thinking: “I’ll put Simon on the list”. Oh no, first I look at endless folios and images, then I make a long list. I debate with the team as to who we should work with, then I knock a few names off because they’re not quite as good, or as adaptable, or because by the end of week two of being on location with them you’d want to kill them. For some reason, Simon’s name always seems to survive the cut. He’s always in the three that are left.

    So what can I tell you about Simon? Just put him on the shortlist to start with, it’ll save you time. Oh, and the other two names … well they always seem to be different.

  • Iain Ross Motorvated Creative, Cambridge

    Beyond cool. Very very creative. Unique. Never resting. Not afraid. Pushing the craft. Love it.
  • STUART FULLER Design Director Saatchi & Saatchi Design, London

    God I’ve struggled with this, and not because I can’t think of anything nice to say. It’s because I do pictures. Not words. So here goes: Simon is a great photographer. Always the consummate professional. He also has an excellent sense of humour. Is that OK? Small denominations are best, thanks!

  • KERSTIN MENDE Head of Art Buying, Scholz & Friends GmbH, Hamburg

    I’ve known Simon for ages, more than 20 years for sure. He’s one of those rare photographers who's never stopped evolving, even though they’ve been in the business for such a long time. Simon is fun, friendly and straightforward. A real can-do type. If it was up to me, I would work with him even more often than I already do.

  • ANDRES HERRAN Producer, Founding Partner of Hero Films, Mexico City

    I met Simon while prepping to shoot a project in Chile. It was a really complicated project; we were shooting on a salt-lagoon in the Atacama Desert at 4,300 m above sea level. There were lots of things where we didn't know if they were going to work out. I don’t think any other director would have been able to pull it off the way Simon did. For every setback he had a positive response; it felt great to know he was trusting us, regardless of everything. Many times we were making jokes and laughing. It was the right thing to do, instead of getting sunk by all the things that weren't turning the way they were supposed to. I’m really happy we met and I’m looking forward to more projects to come.

  • MARGRIT & WOLFGANG PUSCHMANN Parents, Lichtringhausen

    If there’s anyone you can always rely on, then it’s Simon. Always and in any field.

  • PROF FC GUNDLACH Photographer, gallery owner, collector, university professor, curator and benefactor, Hamburg

    So much talent for such a bad cause.